Why I chose the Octopus

Magnificent isn’t she? The octopus is very interesting creature. Many scientists still wonder how this creature is so intelligent. Many people spectate that the octopus might actually being an alien. It has a brain between the eyes. The body of the octopus is actually what many consider the head. It’s eight arms have enough neurons that each one has a mind of its own. The octopus is capable of hunting multiple prey and has learned how to camouflage itself against predators. The octopus is also be able to regenerate its limbs after two weeks should one of them be torn off.

All this is really interesting I’m sure but it’s not the real reason I chose the octopus. For the longest time I thought I had to pick a mythical creature. Something that represented power to people. For awhile of finding myself, that creature was a dragon (cliche I know). The dragon has fire breath, wings, four legs with claws, and has an intimidating look all on its own. I felt that this was my brand for some time. A brand of power is what I felt I needed. Being an outcast as a kid growing up, not really having friends, and consider weird, I felt power and intimidation is what I needed to be taken seriously. Through maturity, I realize that this wasn’t the case. I wasn’t looking to intimidate people. I was looking to inspire and entertain. I was looking to lure people in with my creativity. I wanted to be able to adapt and last for the future to come. The octopus was a perfect fit.

The octopus is able to adapt to its environment, very intelligent, graceful, and can withhold its own. Though dolphins, sharks, and eels are predators of the octopus, the octopus itself will turn on its predator in order to survive. That’s right! The octopus will actually find a way to attack and eat a shark even though it is its predator. This fact alone is the reason why I chose the octopus. A creature that would actually attack its predators to become the predator itself was fascinating. Adaptive, cunning, and fearless, I chose the octopus to be my brand, to be my symbol. However I didn’t stop there. I decided to take it a step further.

Breaker of chains and a god of chaos, entered Cthulhu. Cthulhu is a creature from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft. He has an octopus head, dragon-like wings, claws, and andromorphic body. He is truly a monster to bring chaos to the world. He can speak to the weak minded, control mankind, have humans kill for his pleasure, and bring the world into a state of chaos.

Why chose Cthulhu to be your brand logo? A creature that shows strength and also show a resemblance to an octopus is an opportunity that I could not pass up. I understand completely that Cthulhu is a free character. He isn’t copyrighted and is free to use in movies, stories, and in artwork. In a way Cthulhu combines my past and my hopeful future into one. In the past, I was a dragon. In my present, I am an octopus. In my future, I will be the best of both worlds.

I’m not saying that my writing will bring people to chaos and send the world into a downward spiral. I’m saying that my brand will be strong and I will do everything I can for it to survive and thrive. We all want to be remembered for things that we work hard on and even more so we want others to be touched by our work. We may write for ourselves but we also write for others who can’t find the words that weigh in their heart. It is our job as writers to share what we know, what we imagine, and truths that we have learned through this life. It is by our experiences that we can help others who may have gone through the same experiences.

The octopus is an amazing creature. Cthulhu is a powerful god. I am Octavis Ochoa and I look forward to touching the hearts and minds of all. I’m aiming for people’s fandom and to have them get lost in my world of imagination.

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Ideas for Writing

FLCL Progressive

I know that this may seem a little counter productive. I’ve been saving a few draft posts of what I may want to write about on this blog. The reason I have been saving them as drafts is because they were simply thoughts that passed through my head. I can’t tell you exactly what made them pop into my head. I’m not completely sure myself. What I can tell is that your brain wanders when there isn’t much to keep its attention.

For example: You are traveling along a road with little to no traffic and there are plains on each side. Your eyes are keeping their attention on the vehicle ahead of you. Every now and then you glance down at the speedometer as a routine to make sure you aren’t speeding. As a truck driver, getting a ticket cost a lot more than when you were a regular driver. It is not only a nuisance to deal with, fines for your company, and a mark against you to your employer but also it’s tacked on your driving record for the next five years. It is a mark against you as being a bad driver and makes it harder for you to move to another company. It also puts a target on your back to law enforcement. (I completely went on a tangent there, sorry.) The engine murmurs under the hood and there’s nothing really to look at. There are plains of grass and rolling hills. There is really nothing to grab your attention. Your brain goes into autopilot telling your body’s systems to alert it if anything changes.

This allows your mind to think. It allows your mind to wander and ponder questions or topics that have been bouncing around in the back of your head. For instance, I have a draft post about how frightening a blank page can be. I also have another idea of making my origin story about Medusa. These two things are highly different from one another but it still stirs the curiosity of my imagination. What would a story be like if Medusa was simply turned by Athena, not as a punishment, but as a way to protect herself from men? Why is a blank page so scary? Why does a blank page sometimes turn off creative writers?

Sometimes after hearing the lyrics of Helluvit by Tom MacDonald, my own lyrics begin to spring inside my head and I have almost a whole verse with chorus down. Then, I forget to write it down or forget to save it to Google Keep Notes. This is hard to do when you are driving. DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE! You really shouldn’t even play with your phone. I’m completely guilty of having music play off of my phone and through the speakers of the vehicle. I think everyone is guilty of this. This is why I try to set up playlist long before I head out so I’m not tempted to wake up my phone and change the song.

Why is this counter productive? Some may argue that it would be best to write and work on these ideas on the day I come up with them. Some may argue that by simply saving them as drafts that it keeps you from actually typing or writing anything. It leaves your blog blank when great posts could be forming from your fingertips. I feel that this is not completely true. I believe that it is best to write them down to come to later. As more time passes and the mind churns the idea over and over, the idea becomes more developed. The more developed the idea is, the more it is likely to entertain and inspire others.

Even though I’m working on my novel which is going to be the first of a book series, I have already had another book idea appear. It popped right inside my mind and is completely the opposite of genre that my first book falls in. My first book is a science fiction novel and my second book idea is completely mythical and partially fantasy. See how these two ideas are opposite of each other? However, you go to Barnes and Noble you will find Science Fiction and Fantasy sections right next to each other. There is almost a very blur line between the two genres at times.

I sure hope that you continue to follow this blog for when those posts are made. I do want to thank those of you who have checked out my website and added yourself to my readers list. Those of you who add yourself to my readers list will receive a free copy of the first story I wrote and actually got published. It won’t be the same version as in book form. It will be remastered version that will be better edited and more well put together. Though this novella got published, it is not my best work and I’m honestly ashamed by it. It is because of this that I feel to right this wrong is to give you this story for free in the best version possible. The book I’m talking about is The Other Side of the Track by (my former alias) Driago Olinde. Those of you who do sign up will receive a document containing the story for FREE. Please check out my website down below.


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Blog Update 2/20/21

Hello fellow reader,

I’m so happy that many of you have liked my past posts and a huge welcome to my new followers. It means a lot to me that you have decided to follow my blog. I was quite nervous about writing a blog because I was afraid of what I could even write about. I know that it is recommended for writers to have a blog in order to make their writing better. It’s working on the craft as they call it. I haven’t been able to work on my craft of writing due to work.
Maybe part of it was due to the weather as well.
I live in Texas and we got hit pretty hard with a winter storm. I’m sure that most of you have seen the news about losing power and busted water pipes. I’m happy to say that my family didn’t have busted pipes nor did we lose power. We had many family members come over to our house in order to stay warm and have a place to eat. I’m the only one that works in my household so it has been very hard to feed and take care of everyone. It has put quite a heavy burden on our finances. Even with that being said, I went back to work as soon as they would allow.

Being a truck driver, there was a huge concern about the conditions of the road. Work was good about not rushing the issue and was worried about whether or not people would be able to make it to the distribution center. I know what you are thinking or wanting to ask. How many times have you heard about your job actually caring about your safety? The answer to that is when you are working for a good company. Work understood that if their drivers were not able to make deliveries then no one was going to make any money.

I’ve had a couple of issues being on the road. I even got stuck twice and had to work on getting myself unstuck. There was a third time when I actually had to call for help. It did put me behind for a delivery but I got it delivered on time nonetheless. There has been a lot of pressure trying to make sure that water, dog food, and other products were delivered to the stores as soon as possible. The weather has also put my rotation out of whack and work has been trying to get me back on track as well. It has been a lot of running around and just a process of continuing to work. This has given me very little time to actually be able to not only blog but to simply write and continue on with my novel.

With all that being said, I’m hoping to have some time soon to put up more posts and to continue to work on my novel. My novel as you may or may not know is part of a book series. You can stay up to date on it by signing up for my reader’s list which you can find on my website.


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The sun is peering over the horizon onto the smoke mixed fog. The smell of burnt flesh and diesel fills my lungs. Water droplets gather on my skin and I wipe my brow with the back of my hand. I feel myself sink slightly feeling water and mud push between my toes. The fog begins to dissipate and a grassy field lays before me. A tank comes into view on my left and I slightly jump not realizing it is there. I realize the tank is destroyed tanking a second look. The smoke fumes out of its neck and its turret is misshapen. A speckle of light glimmers from my right and I see a flipped over warthog. Its wheels are up in the air slightly spinning from the breeze. Its turret is sunk into the mud.

I look around trying to figure what might’ve happened. How did I get here? Why is there all this destruction? Where is everyone? Where am I?

I hear a low growl in the distance. My heart begins to sink into my stomach. Somehow I know what it is. Somehow I know what they are. They are the horde. It is the horde that has made this destruction. They attacked wanting whatever was being guarded. The soldiers didn’t stand a chance. The soldiers whoever they were had been taken out last night. Or was it the night before? I glanced around at the only two clues I have: the tank and the warthog.

The bodies of the soldiers are all burnt and decay has already taken hold of them. I wonder to myself how long ago the battle was. I hear the growl in the distance again. This time it appears to be getting closer. There are shadows being formed through the remain fog on the other side of the field before the forest. I hear my heart in my ears. It is so loud that it rumbles my whole body with its base. I feel heat and some kind of light shining from behind. I hold up my hand to see my palm glow red. I turn around.

A heart standing at least twenty-six feet tall with cracks along its outer shell stands before me. It hovers over the ground and pulses. Is this my heart? Is this what the soldiers were guarding? I try to slow down my breath and feel my heart beat in my chest. As it does, I noticed that the heart hovering before me also pulses in the same rhythm. My heart…My heart… is in me and also this one. I stare in disbelief.

I’m brought back to reality as I hear the roar of the horde approaching. I turn to look out across the field. They have appeared from outside of the fog. Their glowing red eyes, mutant teeth, and parasitic bodies begin to lumber closer to me. Behind them, a tall dark figure begins to appear. The sun rises a little higher in the sky and a ray of light shines toward the torso of the figure. The light bounces off a handle made of dragon scales. Its handle has the head of a lion at the base. The handle is holding onto a gigantic head. The box shaped head glows blue as lightning bolts surround it. It’s a hammer but who is holding it?

A maniacal laugh can be heard and the horde stop in their tacks. They turn to look at the figure behind them. It is a woman. A gorgeous woman with black wavy hair, glowing yellow eyes, and an evil smile. Her canines can be seen as she laughs bouncing the hammer in her palm. Even though she is towering over us, her steps are surprisingly silent. With each step, her bossom lifts up and down as she makes her way closer.

Terror soon grips my heart. What is she planning to do with that hammer? My heart races and the hovering heart behind begins to beat like a bass drum. I hear a scratching noise behind me and I turn around. The heart is cracking more and the ground underneath is trembling. A huge glass piece falls from the bottom of its shell and blood begins to ooze out. I whip my head side to side. Is there anyone to come help? Is there any hope? Is there a chance for a calvary? Blood continues to flow and mixes with the mud covering my feet.

A loud boom is heard and I turn around again. The tall woman wielding the hammer is standing a few feet before the remnants of the tank and warthog. “It’s all over,” she yells. “No! Don’t!” I say. I feel my words fall on deaf ears. I can do nothing but watch. She holds up the hammer above her head. She aims and begins her swing. “Stop!” I yell again holding my hands above my head. Did I really think I could stop the hammer? I gasped as I saw the lightning blue object flying down. The hammer makes contact and pushes through the heart. The collision causes a shock wave and a bright blue flash. I shield my eyes with my arms and feel myself flown back. My back slams into side of the warthog and I sit dazed. I rub my eyes trying to clear my vision. My eyes begin to focus and the dust begin to settle.

Where my heart was, there lies a crater. The woman shoulders the hammer and looks down at me. She shrugs before turning away. She walks toward the sun and takes the horde with her. I feel a sharp pain in my chest and my breath escapes me. I can no longer hear or feel my heartbeat. My vision begins to blurr.

I scream jolting my body into a sitting positions. I breathe heavy and grab my chest. There is a cold sweat upon my head. I’m back in my bedroom. Our child is asleep in the middle of the bed and the woman with the black hair is laying on the outside. Calm down, calm down, I tell myself, you’ll wake the baby. I sneak out of bed and go to the bathroom. I use the bathroom and wash my hands in the sink. I scoop water into my hands and splash it against my face. I rub my eyes and look into the mirror. The water drips down from bangs and around my face. My face is flush and my eyes are red. Had I been crying through the night? I shake my head trying to shake off the drowsiness. I take a deep breath. The woman in my dream won’t leave my mind. The way she looked at me. The way she said ‘It’s all over‘ before shattering my heart.

My thoughts are interrupted hearing our child squirm. I take off the bathroom light and open the door. Our child is stretching and about to stir herself awake. I lean over, pick up our child, and hold her close to me. She clings onto me rubbing her cheek into my shoulder. I grab a diaper and baby wipes before leaving the room. I try to throw the thoughts again out of my head. These thoughts are backed up by speculation, assumptions, and things said. Words said to me.

The most disturbing detail of all is the woman with the hammer was my wife.

She grabbed it

Hi reader,

This post is going to be hard to write. It is hard based off of the topic that it talks about. There are many different reasons and beliefs for it. One assumes that the struggle was too great. One assumes that if they had help then things would be different. One believes that the person was the strongest person they ever knew. If they fell, then what hope is there for the rest of us? What hope can we hold on to when the world seems to pass us by? People stop paying attention and ignore our scars? We feel trap in an abusive relationship. We cry and scream but it falls on deaf ears. Over time we begin to think that this is the only reality for us. Things are never going to get better. We are going to continue to be yelled at. We are going to continue to hear how much of a disappoint we are. We are going to continue to feel the sting from being beaten. We are going to suffer with no peace in site.

There is one peace. There is one way to stop the violence, the scars, the bruises, and the bloodshed. It is the ultimate act of death. It is an act that we can inflict upon ourselves. We can save ourselves from the situation. We can turn our backs on those that hurt us. We can…we can…we can…

We tell ourselves it’s the only way. We tell ourselves that if there were better options then we would do those. There aren’t any to choose from. We decide to stop being the punching bag. We decide to stop being walked over. We may leave those that we care about behind. They may scream. They may cry. They’ll get over it. They’ll soon forget about it. The pain that they claim is unbearable won’t hurt as much. Time heals everything right? It couldn’t heal this. It couldn’t save us.

People say that we need to be strong for our children. We need to be strong for our family. We need to turn to religion. We need to turn to God. What has God ever done? He sits on his heavenly throne and watches us. He watches us get abused and suffer. He does nothing but watch. He doesn’t save us. Save us from sin? How about save us from things that make our lives miserable? If you don’t do it, then I will. You claim to love me. You claim you sent your only son to save us all. Save us from original sin. A sin that we can’t see. A sin that is being committed by those who whip our flesh. A sin that is constantly being thrown in our face and breaking us down mentally. I won’t do it anymore. I won’t live like this. I will take this escape. I will finally be free from something you said I could handle. Well, I can’t handle it. I won’t. I’ll take the escape.

She grabs it. She cocks it. She pulls the trigger. The scene fades to black.

She no longer feels pain. She no longer cries. She no longer has to deal with the abuse. She leaves behind friends that love her. She leaves behind those that looked up to her. She was their beacon of hope to stay strong. She was their reason of why they took a deep breath and told themselves it was going to be ok. She leaves behind her children. They are too young to understand the reason. They can’t comprehend why their mommy has disappeared. “Why did she leave us?” they ask but no one gives them an answer. “Was it us? Were we the reason mommy isn’t here?” they ask themselves. Questions arise from the scene of pain and death. Why did anyone help her? Were there signs? Was there a way to change her ending?

Depending on what you believe, she has finally found peace in Heaven. God granted her request for mercy and forgiveness before she pulled the trigger. The flip side of that coin is hell. She is a tree stuck in a lake of fire for eternity. She screams in agony from the burning sensation at her legs. She feels the insects eating her inside out like a rotting corpse. She feels limbs growing out of her head only to be chopped off by passing demons laughing at her suffering. She looks up to heaven and asks “God, why have you forsaken me?” God simply looks down. There is sadness in His eyes but it doesn’t stay for long. He calls out to her from His heavenly pedestal. “You took your life before it was time for you to come home. You abandon those who lives you had and would’ve touched. You destroyed the most precious gift I could give you so I punish you for eternity,” God says.

I believe that God is love. I believe that God is that sensation we get when we are at our wits end. It is that cooling of the head and the wind blowing through our hair. It is that feeling of someone touching our shoulders when no one is there. It is that warmth in our heart that we feel when we are unsure of being loved. I believe that God wouldn’t punish someone who has suffered unspeakable horrors on earth. I believe that God would grant them mercy and finally give them peace. I believe that with all my heart.

I believe that if you are going through a difficult time, being abused, suffering, and feel there is no way out that there is hope. Please write this number down. Share it with friends and family. Share it with anyone who you think is battling depression, anxiety, or is isolating themselves. Call 1-800-273-8255. CALL THIS NUMBER. You can find help. You can end the suffering. You can still be you. It doesn’t have to end with your death.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Magnet

My First Post

Hello everyone,

My name is Octavis Ochoa. I am a truck driver working on my first ever novel. I am planning for my novel to be the first book in a series. I am focusing all my attention to getting my first book down while I have my story fresh. I have been also looking at sources to help me create a better story. I know that it may sound weird that I am looking on improving my story before I finish writing it. You may think that my story is not strong enough on its own. I’m not going to say that you are wrong but I won’t admit that you are write either. I’ve debut a novel in the past and I wasn’t at all excited about it. Let me clarify that. I’m not excited about it now.

The excitement that I felt back then was for the simple fact that I was being published. I was completely overwhelmed that someone finally wanted to publish my book. I was happy that someone wanted to take the time to put my book out there. I was wrong. The publisher Rose Dogs under Dorrance Publishing made no effort in the making of the book. They didn’t even spend the resources to advertise, edit, or even make sure that the book was in the proper format. They took five thousand dollars from me and now the book sits on Amazon for a mere ten dollars. I will admit that reading this book is hard. There are a lot of choppy sentences just within the second chapter. The first chapter is literally just one page.

The book wasn’t put under the title as a novel. It was given the title novella. The book had plenty of potential but it wasn’t even given a chance. Most publishers before them had decided not to waste their time with it. They said it was a rip off from the Fast and Furious. I’m happy to say the story is not a rip off of Fast and Furious. It is a street racing book but it’s a book from the heart.

I have tried to distance myself away from the book. It is a mark of shame for me. My writing style has improved and is drastically different. I guess that’s the main point of it all. I should’ve never worked on trying to get it published so quickly. I should’ve went back and actually edited my own work. I wrote it when I was in high school and my understanding of the English language wasn’t there. My understanding of how grammar works and how to properly write flowing sentences was nowhere. It was in the middle of nowhere in a literal sense. Going through school I just memorized what I needed to know for a test in order to get an ‘A’ or pass. I didn’t learn much in school due to the pressure of having to be perfect. I wasn’t allowed to fail and learn from my mistakes. My life was sheltered and college was a rude awakening. College let me know what the world is really like and the different kinds of people I would encounter.

I’m honestly making this blog because everyone tells me that I need to. From Stephen King’s On Writing novel to Creative Writer Toolbelt on Spotify, everyone says that in order for your writing to get better that you need to work on your craft. You not only need to work on your craft but you also need to read more. Growing up, I wasn’t much of a reader. In fact, I straight up hated reading. I hated having to turn the pages on a book and scroll from line to line of sentences. I found it downright boring and the books never entertained me. The books that I did read were for some class where it was required. Looking back on my years in school, there are only three books that stand out which moved me from being bored to inspired. These books were 1984 by George Orwell, Dracula by Bram Stoker, and the Scarlet Pimpernel by Emma Orczy. These were the only stories that fascinated me when I was growing up. I dabbed a little in Harry Potter by JK Rowling. I didn’t really pick a book by choice until after the first Xbox gaming console came out.

It was the fascination and sensation of playing Halo: Combat Evolved that I read the books. I think partly due to the fact that I enjoyed the game so much. I wanted to know more about the history and the universe that Master Chief and Cortana were surrounded. My fandom got a swift kick between the legs when 343 Industries took the reigns for Halo 4. That topic can be for a later post. I do apologize about hopping all over the place. Getting back on topic, I hope that this blog will help my writing improve. I hope that this blog is a step in meeting other creative people who live in their imagination. I hope to learn as much as I can for when I do finish my novel that it’ll be the masterpiece I want it to be.

Thank you reading this post and I hope you follow my blog. —Octavis Ochoa